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  1. A New Orange Wing Amazon

    The vet recommended changing her food from seeds to pellets, so i can then use sunflower seeds etc for training treats.. Which pellet foods do you suggest?
  2. A New Orange Wing Amazon

    Hi everyone.. wow you lot are amazing!!, YES vet confirm i have a blue fronted amazon, NOT a orange as she was sold to me.. He seems to think shes under 1 years, which is good.. She has a lot of damage to her feathers, they have totally HACKED at all her feather not just the flight feathers, it...
  3. A New Orange Wing Amazon

    Yeahhh took me a while to figure out to put a pic on..!!
  4. A New Orange Wing Amazon

  5. A New Orange Wing Amazon

    Hi, thankyou for replies, Youve all been so kind and helpful Im taking her vets in the morning.. I want to get her fully checked out, have blood tests done first, before i can take any action against the shop.. Ive been told Chine house vets is excellent and Craig is brilliant with parrots and...
  6. A New Orange Wing Amazon

    Ive rang chine house vets that is supposed to be experts in aviary, falconry and parrots, got in for Thursday morning the earliest appointment they had.. So i guess i will have to take it from there.. I called her FLO, as my grandad used to call me that name because i was his full time carer...
  7. A New Orange Wing Amazon

    It had good reviews on their website...
  8. A New Orange Wing Amazon

    Yes the ring looks like you push it together with pliers to get it to close... Ive never had a amazon, ive had a African grey and red-sided eclectus. 20 years ago.. But both were hand tame from the start, one died from cancer and the other is still alive and decided he loved my mum more and hes...
  9. A New Orange Wing Amazon

    I totally understand your anger Micheal Reynolds.. Now im totally worried in case shes ill..:emoji_disappointed: Ill ring the vet in the morning.. The fact they keep telling me to take her before the 7 days has me in doubt about her health anyway..
  10. A New Orange Wing Amazon

    So sorry , ive just had another look and its a silver aluminum ring, that you push together yourself..
  11. A New Orange Wing Amazon

    I did ask for hatch certificate they said they only do the hatch certificate for there Alexandrines.. Surely if you breed them you would do a hatch certificate or am i wrong??... Also they said for double the cost they could train her in 7-10 days!!... Ide hate to think how they would train her...
  12. A New Orange Wing Amazon

    Sorry no Tomsmum, i didn't see them remove the ring, they had it in a bag ready for sale of the amazon.. Its a bass colour
  13. A New Orange Wing Amazon

    Hi, thankyou for replying.. I will up load a photo asap.. They advertise alot of their birds on pets4homes website.. I have a ring, they handed to me because they said it was too small for the leg..Then because she was so stressed out, Ive left her but when she climbed around the cage to get...
  14. A New Orange Wing Amazon

    Hello, I brought a orange wing amazon on Sunday.. I brought it from a shop in Birmingham.. At the time they convinced me that they had to take the parrots ring off because it had become to small.. Does this happen? They gave me the ring and i have it here.. I have now noticed that her legs...
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