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    Hello, Olliie and Oliver! And sorry for the slow response, it's been a busy week. I've been following your advice, and I have to say while I still get bitten occasionally, my hands do look considerably better :) Thank you again for all the great info. I also had some quick questions. When...
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    Well, the poor little guy didn't have a name when we got him, but we decided on Oliver/ Ollie.
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    Thank your the advice, tags and posts you mentioned! I have already started checking them out! You've all been so helpful!
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    Hi, thanks for the advice. I will look into the seeds you suggested. And yes, they are amazing to watch. I have a hard time turning away from mine even when he bites, just because he is so entertaining. I just discovered today that he likes folding laundry with me; he just stays on my arm and...
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    Thank you so much for the great advice! I feel like I've learned a lot already and I have only been on this forum for one day. Do you have suggestions for treats for kaks to use as positive reinforcement? I'm having trouble figuring out what he likes. He seems to like something one day, but when...
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    Such a good idea! I've always been interested in origami, so I'm really looking forward to it :) Thank you so much for all your help and all the great advice! I really appreciate it.
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    Thank you, that's what I thought from my research and that's definitely what it seems like from my experience. It seems the store gave me some wrong information. I should probably double- check all the info on this forum lol
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    Hi! Thanks for replying! Thinking about it, I may have used my hands, and even though I tried to be calm and gentle, I guess that might have not been the best approach. Although, he does not only do it when I try to stop him from chewing on things, so maybe I've done something else? Is putting...
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    Hi all! I recently got a kakariki from a friend who is moving to a different country and is not able to take him (?). I was hoping to get some advice about these birds and how to best take care of them. I think he's about 7-8 months (our friend has had him since Christmas, and I think they're...
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