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    In Loving Memory of Bert

    Oh Scott, I am so terribly sorry for your loss 😢. You guys had done so well together... fly high Bert, know how much you were loved and how much you will be missed xx
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    Berts not well

    What an emotional roller coaster you have been on! So glad Bert is on the road to recovery. I had a terrible time with Eddie earlier this year/last Christmas.. very unwell/towelling and meds.. we have come out the other side with a much closer relationship and trust, love the little green...
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    DEFRA Bird Movement Restrictions In Place

    Time to put netting over my chicken run then. Poor chickens won’t be happy and will need to sort out some boot wash for when I have been in the coop for feeding and cleaning 😔
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    Please hold a good thought for Ollie

    Hope Ollie has managed to put on a bit more weight this week xx
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    Please hold a good thought for Ollie

    Following the thread and so many ups and downs, you must be exhausted with worry 🥺. Sending you both huge hugs, come on Ollie, you can do this, please get better xxx
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    Sunday 23rd August

    Hello all! Been ages since I visited, apologies, I don’t where the time has gone. Been on a few trips so Eddie and Charlie have now visited Northumberland and the Gower this summer. It was VERY wet in Wales and I’d managed to wash off the waterproofing on the awning so that was interesting (and...
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    Monday 29th June

    Hello all! Very windy still here in the Midlands. I should be climbing up scaffold to paint our windows but decided to wait until the winds have calmed down for fear of losing my paintbrush or ending up with paint being blown all over me! Eddie is REALLY hormonal! Every time she is near me she...
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    Thursday 18th June

    Hello everyone! Lots of rain here so happy garden and happy chickens as no doubt there will be lots of worms about! Makes me feel quite ill when they fight over one... now slugs... happy for them to be pulled apart as they are forever munching on my plants! Eddie doesn’t seem to want to play...
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    Chorley Missing - Reunited

    This is amazing news! So incredibly happy that naughty pirate bird became too tired to continue his adventure! Hope he is very happy to be home now xx
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    Chorley Missing - Reunited

    Was really hoping he would have come home by now 😢. Your poor leg must be so painful as well.. hope you are doses up on ibuprofen and paracetamol xx
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    Chorley Missing - Reunited

    Come on down Chorley! Glad at least he is sight, I know what a mess I would be...
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    Wednesday 10th June

    Hello all, I am so sorry to hear that Chorley has got out! Can I ask what type of bird he is and whereabouts you are? I am a member of a few parrot groups on Facebook also so can keep an eye out. Dry day here which is a surprise as thought it was supposed to bucket it down! Saw my dad yesterday...
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    Literally rolling over laughing 🤣🤣
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    My love's!

    Fab pictures! How come there isn’t pooh and feathers and sander covering every available surface?? 😂😂
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    Hello everyone! :)

    Hello from me, Sarah! Eddie is our yellow crowned Amazon, we also have 5 chickens and a few months ago my daughter took on Charlie, a cockatiel. Have no prior experience of having any feathered friends until we got Eddie 12 years ago.. she turned 13 in April x
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