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  1. It's Tuesday

    Evening all... an age since I've been here... Glad to see you are all still alive. Work, work and more work... Off to Bristol tomorrow on location. Birds are doing really well apart from the fact that they now both do the sound of the alarm clock even at the weekend or when I'm due a lie in...
  2. Thursday

    Evening all... long time no post! Really busy day today filming in Slow Motion.... The hen I rescued is back home tonight as she decided she doesn't like chickens but people are good! So a new run to be built at the weekend... She's funny with the greys and when they dive bomb her she jumps...
  3. I Want To Say Sorry! Lol

    Mountain lion gets you every time on Mac.
  4. I Want To Say Sorry! Lol

    Spell check tells me i can't be "arced" instead of arsed... I am forever not arced...
  5. Large Montana Cage Wanted

    The nuts are on the outside... she can reach through with her beak and toes and undo them :biggrin:
  6. Large Montana Cage Wanted

    It's a swing disc with a self locking nut that holds it.... Floss can undo the nuts easily from the inside!
  7. It's Friday

    Lol... still there then?
  8. Large Montana Cage Wanted

    My greys have the Montana Arkansas II... Today is the second time they have broken free through the hatches. The self locking nuts are NOT parrot proof. Thank God Jack was home to wrangle them back in.... Need to get something more substantial in place on all the hatches.
  9. Friday

    You're a brave girl... Those beaks worry me! I'm still waiting for my first bite from my Greys :) Two years in and not one yet........
  10. Friday

    Evening all... not been here for ages but have just got to the end of a huge and tricky job. So looking forward to some tea and an early night... and the weather is supposed to be good tomorrow so hammock here I come! Have a great time Liz, Sarah Jane I'm guessing you got the macaw you always...
  11. Sunny Sunday?!

    The nephew from hell for me today... My palm itched to smack his backside but at least he didn't P on the sofa this time! Have a great time Liz and Bob...
  12. Zuri And Storm

    I should send you some vid Bob :biggrin:
  13. Morning Monday

    Evening all...... birds out and in fine voice.... Short day at work... appointment at naughty daughters school at 3 that went on a bit.... A phrase that says "if you can't do, teach " springs to mind :biggrin: . From the neck up she looked creative... from there down she looked as boring as...
  14. Miserable Monday

    What happened?
  15. AG Babies

    Went to a garden centre near to me yesterday and a few things made me a bit cross...... irresponsible selling of lizard babies that grow HUGE... Selling baby snapping Turtles that grow HUGE and having an incubator full of duck eggs on display that were hatching and the one that had hatched was...
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