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    A Man With A Parrot On His Shoulder

    Woohoo! You and Beryl are famous ?
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    Newbie To The Site And To Bird Taming!

    Welcome aboard. You seem to be on the right track with peewee. Your patience will eventually pay dividends I'm sure. Yes, we must have some pics of him.
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    To All Birdie Mummies..

    I meant to add that they all turned up bearing flowers and cards. ??
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    To All Birdie Mummies..

    Of course you do Sarah ?
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    To All Birdie Mummies..

    Well at least your daughter thought of you. I got a very unsubtle from mine asking if I would be at home today so god knows what that means ?
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    To All Birdie Mummies..

    Yes, he does have his moments. So far both birdies are behaving. At the moment Frankie is singing whistle while you work ?
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    To All Birdie Mummies..

    Happy Mother's Day to all of you. I hope the fids behave themselves ? Bill made this for me. Made me laugh. Frankie does say those words to me all the time, and Chunky does beep beeps like roadrunner! 
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    This Is A Stupid Question

    ??? very funny stories! ive done loads over the years. i went to a 60s theme birthday party. I was dressed as Mamma Cass (only older ones will know who she was) I wore kaftan,beads and long curly haired wig with headband round it. After far too many gin and tonics, I was asked to do my...
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    Valentines Day

    Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I wish I could share a flower each from my bunch to everyone who is on their own today. ???
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    Friday 12th February

    Good morning all. lovely sunny morning here. Feels like spring is on its way. :)  with that in mind me and my carer will be cleaning out my cupboards and flinging out stuff that's not used anymore. We've deliberately NOT told Bill as he's a bit of a hoarder.  Happy Friday all x
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    The Song That Makes Your Tears Flow

    Holding Back The Years was No.1 when my mum died. The words meant so much to me at the time. 
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    Omg The Eagle Has Landed!!

    Yep, saw this on the news. I was only half listening but apparently they will be able to intercept possible terror threat drones.
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    A Lurker Finally Signed Up!

    Welcome aboard. Lovely birds you have. ?
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    Hello Fellow Feather Hearts

    Hello Zak. Sorry for the loss of your little friend. It must have been heartbreaking. Welcome to our forum.
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    Celebs who have you met

    I once sat next to the queen and queen mother in a traffic jam at Royal Ascot races until the police could clear a path for them to get away. I also shook hands with Princess Diana when she came to open a shopping centre near us. A truly natural beauty with skin like porcelain. She was lovely...
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