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    Hello again, I'm back with a question!

    Hi Heather great to see you back and the photos of Archie, Phoebe . How are the dogs ? x
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    Friday 29th May

    @JessCheekyMia Oh dear poor Roy that was rather close to the eye. I hope it soon heals up well. xx
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    Conure and Quaker

    Hi, I am unsure how a Quaker would get on with another of its kind. I am sure our members who know more about the specie will advise. @Michael Reynolds
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    Outdoor Heat

    :welcome: Maybe some of our members can advise @DizzyBlue @CaptainHowdy ....anyone please.
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    Happy Birthday Jess xx

    Brilliant what a good idea.
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    Friday 29th May

    Thank you I heard from daughter this morning who said at the moment her arms feel more comfortable with the dressings the hospital put on, she goes back to have them changed tomorrow.
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    CAG breeders near Milton Keynes

    :welcome:Sorry to hear about the loss of your grey and recently your dear budgie. You may do well to join the Parrot Society UK, for a small yearly fee you receive their monthly mag full of info and where UK breeders advertise. You can find the details via google. I hope this helps.
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    Friday 29th May

    Good morning everyone a sunny but windy day here. Hopefully may get the runner bean plants and the canes in the veggie plot later. Daughter has accident yesterday badly burnt her arms from the tin of her bread maker, ended up at A&E, now has dressings on her arms & goes back tomorrow. I bet...
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    Please help! What do you feed your african grey?

    @Scott199 have you tried putting slices fruit & vegon one of those kebabs folk hang in their cages, that sometimes tempts a parrot. It can take years for a bird to try something, my late LSC took 8yrs before he would try corn on the cob then decided he loved it.
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    Please help! What do you feed your african grey?

    Have you tasted Palm Oil @DizzyBlue it is best to say it's taste to be acquired. Needless to say my lot dislike it.
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    Taking Birds Outside

    Always a worry that is. I agree re predators who are so very quick. Some older members will remember how a long time ago we had a Grey - Lucy, unbeknown to me hubby would take her in the garden of an afternoon with his cuppa, sit with her on his knee or shoulder. One day I got a phone call at...
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    Getting birds back in cage?

    Many years ago when we bred Senegals Hilda & Howard, Hilda really pecked poor old Howards head, he was well and truly hen pecked. However, they did settle down and had chicks. So yes I would say it is because she wants to breed & he's not so keen yet. Are they the same age? I doubt either...
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    :welcome: @mark leggett Good advice given.
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    New and looking for a parrot

    :welcome: from me too.
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    Getting birds back in cage?

    When you go towards his cage to shut him in do not walk straight towards him, go sideways, that sometimes works. We used to do that when we needed to round up the chickens to get them back into their run, whereas other folk walk towards them - they scattered, but going sideways always worked!
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