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    Thursday 13th May 2021

    We have an ancient George wet & dry but it is so old and bulky and heavy I dislike using it @Wendy Cooper-Wolfe
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    Thursday 13th May 2021

    Good morning, Hope you get your car sorted @DizzyBlue . Am waiting for dentist to phone me back due to the crown she put back on not feeling right at all and painful! I really do not need this. Tried using the Turbo brush on the Vax vacuum to do the stairs, that's once I am able to undo the hose...
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    Wednesday 12th May 2021

    Good afternoon, More problems, I went to have the crown put back on my tooth wasn't too keen to go due to Alan self isolating but it was a medical appointment and all precautions taken, it does not feel very comfortable I can only describe as as feeling 'high' like when you have...
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    Early signs of plucking or rough moult?

    I see what you meal maybe they feel odd so that's why he is maybe over preening, let's see what others say. Overall he looks in excellent feather and is very handsome.
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    Chooks are a bad lot!

    Sorry to hear this we never had that problem with our rescue hens, I guess they are all mixed up in their heads from their previous treatment poor girls. Do you get the chance to remove the eggs as soon as they have been laid?
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    Tuesday 11th May

    Good morning - just about still morning Hope everyone is okay. Hubby off for his covid swab test later in readiness for his surgery Friday, maybe this time next week he will be back home, I don't know it depends on how well he does and can manage to walk. Sun & showers down here...
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    Monday 10th May

    Hi, we get wasps too sometime one after the other, I either swat them of let them out the window depending where they are, they tend not to go to my parrots cages though even when there's fruit there. But I understand your concern. Do you know where they are getting in, is there a nest they...
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    Monday 10th May

    Good morning still a wet and windy one down here. Just heard disturbing news on the radio about Cicadas - an insect that hatches & lives underground and swarms emerge every 17yrs this is the year for them! Lucky for us (I hope) this happens in the Eastern part of the USA, so lets hope they...
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    Quaker breeder

    The provide a monthly mag where breeders advertise or yu canplace an ad, to receive this there is a yearly sub of £26 I thinkit is, but well worth it as they are always interesting. You can find details on-line.
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    Quaker breeder

    Hi, I cannot help but our members may be along with advice. In the meantime you may like to contact the Parrot Society uk who have breeders of all specie UK wide.
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    Skin issues, legs and feet.

    I think your best bet it so wait & see what the avian vet diagnoses and gives you to use. Additional advice may be available from they will advise if they can although any treatments must be declared to the vet.
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    blood tests

    May I ask the reason you need them to have a blood test.
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    Sunday 9th May

    Good morning everyone, a breezy day rain has stopped but more is forecast. Golding to clean old goldfish shortly get it done while hubby is still able to help as he has his knee replacement op Friday should be in hospital up to 4 days so I am going to be kept busy here, of course no hospital...
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    Friday 7th May

    Thank you car is now back, the other side has been checked but is not in desperate need of replacing but can have it done when it nexts goes in for service in a few months time.So will have it done then. Car is rarely used this past year .
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