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  1. Hi

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments. Update; I have just brought another addition to my parrot family to keep Cookie some company while i am at work. Its going to be a struggle trying to get them together and also fun. Wish me luck
  2. Albino Irn Rehoming

  3. Albino Irn Rehoming

    Ok mate. Sorry for the late reply.
  4. Albino Irn Rehoming

  5. Albino Irn Rehoming

    Hey sorry DizzyBlue, i didnt get a chance to read your rehoming criteria. I will edit the post to make more suitable. Thanks
  6. Albino Irn Rehoming

    Thank you and i hope so too
  7. Hi

    Thanks Michael, and yes he is really stunning. I wish circumstances were different, i would have trained him and got him a partner so he didnt feel like this. I just really hope he doesnt have to suffer for long like this and ends up going to a really good home with other birds. I have noticed...
  8. Hi

    Lol. Im not forcing anybody
  9. Albino Irn Rehoming

    I have had Cookie for just over 4 months, he is stick trained despite countless attempts to tame him. I bought him with Blue which was a silly tamed IRN, they would often follow each other, kiss and enjoy their time. Unfortunatley Blue flew away due to my younger brother leaving the front door...
  10. Hi

    Forgot to mention i have certicate for him too
  11. Hi

    Hi, I have a untamed Albino IRN (Cookie) which I purchased 4 months ago along with Blue (silly tamed) which flew away leaving Cookie on his own. I have tried my best to tame Cookie but due to lack of time im unable to Anymore. I have also started my new job which keeps me away from home for 14...
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