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    Monday 24th April

    Food tastes much better
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    Monday 24th April

    Morning all, haven't lately been here, due to health problems,much better now.
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    Parrot Behaviour

    I hate the word clipping birds,once the trust, bond, and proper training was formed, . It is very rewarding when your birds fly to you from across the room because of the strong bond you've built with them.:sun_smiley::sun_smiley::sun_smiley:
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    This just to say thanks to Scarlet's AS30 seed mix and 4 different flavours of nutriberries,Oyster loves the berries, and Rafki really loves AS30 mix.:sun_smiley: and not to forget the excellent DPD deliver service even I had to re-arrange the deliverer:thumbsup:
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    Broad Beans And Celery Info

    This ^^ Always boiled.
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    Cobnuts And Figs

    Are they suitable for greys? I saw some yesterday.
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    Friday 2nd September

    haven's open here.
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    Thanks Bob Been to lake district seen friends, even took Oyster with me in his travel cage,had to come back as Oyster does not like to be locked up in a small cage for days. I am going head hunting for new perches in everyone's back garden, so far the branches, I have seen are not fit for...
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    Not been here lately, work commitments,but My station duty manager has given me a month off:tmnt::tmnt::tmnt:
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    It Didnt Take Them Long - Fans Fighting.

    Think you'll find it's typical of 99.99999999999999999999999% of fans not to do stuff like this.
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    Name For My Little Bird..

    Hello and welcome,any pictures?
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    What I Have Got For Bailey

    The first two days that a new bird is home with you are very important, especially if he is a just-weaned baby. During this period, you should carefully monitor his droppings and handle him frequently only for short periods of time.before you put ihim in his cage for the first time, you should...
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    It Didnt Take Them Long - Fans Fighting.

    Very true, what goes through the heads of people who do this and think they can get away with it these days, there are camera's everywhere especially in France at the moment.
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    Sweet little things
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    It Didnt Take Them Long - Fans Fighting.

    I love football,as a football fan I fill its just embarrassing :( These people are scum, lock them all up until the tournament is over with. Whoever is involved at whatever level, punish them hard. The security have got enough to deal with besides these idiotic wastes of fresh air.
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