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    Wednesday 4th December

    Afternoon folks. Overcast and drizzly here, and damp cold, which I hate as 7 degrees feels a lot colder than -7 when it is lovely, crisp and frosty. Give me the latter any day! I am pleased to report that, after a night in the bird room at the vet (where he was carefully looked after and...
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    Tuesday 3rd December

    Morning folks. Apologies for not being around. Still crazy here. I'll need to go back and catch up on how you are all doing. Glad to hear they have managed to remove all the cancer though Michael. 🤗 I am currently waiting on news from the vet as we had to rush Frodo in for an emergency...
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    Thursday 21st November 2019

    Gosh. That sounds like quite an ordeal. Hope it's over soon for you Michael.
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    Thursday 21st November 2019

    Pain mostly Michael. I went into the office a week ago and by the end of the day I was hobbling around like a 90 year old just because I couldn't get my feet up to rest. It also affects digestion and in extreme cases the organs causing prolapses and such, hopefully I'm not that bad. They are...
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    Thursday 21st November 2019

    Morning folks. Hope you are all doing well. Finally got a little break from this crazy project I'm working on. All is currently calm, but if the last couple of weeks are anything to go by, it could all kick off into madness at any time again 🙂 After five months of waiting I eventually got to...
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    Monday 4th November

    Morning everyone. Heading into another mad week of work. Had a lovely weekend with my grandsons however, so can't complain :) Here's a photo of both of my cheeky birds under my cardigan this morning. Have a lovely day y'all.
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    Friday 01 November

    Morning everyone. So it's November already. What on earth happened to this year? Raining here today and a bit windy. I'm surprised it is rain as yesterday was definitely cold enough for snow. Off to the dentist this morning. Just a check up, but I have this really wobbly wisdom tooth that is...
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    31st October 2019 - Happy Halloween or Samhain

    We used to call those who used healing magic hedge witches. I always liked that term. It conjures up someone scrabbling away in the brambles finding choice herbs and roots to me 😀
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    31st October 2019 - Happy Halloween or Samhain

    Morning everyone. Frosty again this morning, although I believe it will rain tomorrow. I've been mad busy at work and it looks set to continue to end of the year so I may only pop in from time to time for a while. Hope you are all doing well. I love this time of year and I too think the Celts...
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    Tuesday 22nd October

    Morning folks. Another busy work day ahead. Looks like a I'll be full on until Xmas as I'm leading a large tech project that is high risk and has very limited time to complete it in due to client taking so long to sign things off. Cold here again this morning. Was frosty yesterday, but today...
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    Saturday 19th October

    Evening all. Hope everyone is well. Another busy work week for me this week. Yesterday was my eldest grandson's 13th birthday though so we spent the day with the boys and my daughter. Went to movies to see Abominable (so cute!) followed by lunch. I was totally knackered when I got home and was...
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    Monday 14th October

    Evening folks. Mostly dry here today I think (I had my head down and nose firmly stuck up against my laptop screen all day so not entirely sure 😅). The weekend flew away again. I will need to finish the pattern I've been working on later this week as I couldn't get it done by the end of last...
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    Friday 11 October

    Evening everyone. I have no idea where today went. I was working on a new Xmas pattern and I just blinked and it was now! Sorry to hear about your chook @Yellowchickenparrot. It's always hard losing a friend. I watched Bohemian Rhapsody again today and sniffed and sobbed again. As though I...
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    Thursday 10th October

    Thanks 🤗 It's definitely a doddle to maintain 😁
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    Thursday 10th October

    I keep getting a hankering to have a fish tank again. I had three in SA, including a 2 metre tank that we built ourselves. Glass was 20cm thick! At the moment though, the only tank I have is this. :)
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