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    Hand Reared Kak Near Devon Wanted

    Hi anyone near Devon got a hand reared kak for sale message me if u do ..
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    African Grey Cock

    Up sorry DIZZY im with u now on that lol Ill ask about but not of hand
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    African Grey Cock

    No idea what that is Dizzy ..not to mind
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    Brinsea Tlc 4 Brooder

    Thanks tomsmum
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    Brinsea Tlc 4 Brooder

    Selling brinseatlc-4 brooder no longer needed
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    B & G Macaw Video Clip.

    Assallamualaikum InshAllah everything will be fine ..feed them well egg is hood calcium and chicken breast ....dhaarl just say Bismillah ☝☝
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    More Holiday Photos

    Great photos
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    Rose Hips

    Nice one dizzy blue ...i would of used whats in my garden .. they surpose to have 50percent more vit c then oranges
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    Rose Hips

    Hi just a question on rose hips ....i have roses growing in my garden so the rosehips is dhen the flower has fallen of and the ball type thats left behind is usually green .. so i leave that on until it goes red and can i give my bird the hole thing or tdke thd seeds out ?thanks
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    Parrot Shows 2016

    Dont think much of that seed bob ...
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    Welsh Mountain Zoo

    Great pic
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    Hi and welcome ..lovely bird ....sorry just got greys
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    The Three Word Story

    The blue sky
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    Hi shelley... yeah curry and rice can give u wind and blow the feathers off u ... only joking........ but i like you got a heart 2 look after the grey ... my mate only feeds his grey on sunflower and not 1 feather is missing i no they are not too great to give to the bird i think its a...
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    Parrot Shows 2016

    Whats that bob
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