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    Tuesday 30th November

    Morning all, what a difference a day makes (there's another song), freezing and thick snow yesterday, this morning mild and snow gone !! Sorry about Alan's back, I have historic bad backs, but still not took precautions and now suffering for it, us blokes never learn, its just that like Alan, I...
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    Sunday 28th November

    Morning all, -3c last night and a high of 4 today. Just come back from newsagents , froze my face again walking against the wind. Now I have fired up the log stove and will get nice and cosy soon enough, central heating stops at 8am and then we either out or light the stove.. we warm the mince...
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    Saturday 27th November

    Morning all, very high winds over night and woke up to 3" of snow and a chilling wind, we walked up to the paper shop and it was enjoyable but coming back we faced a northerly headwind which froze our faces brrr. I am surprised just how much seed G&T eat for two budgies, but its always a good...
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    Friday 26th November

    @Yellowchickenparrot , sorry to hear about you all so sick, hope you all recover soon, there is a flu like sickness going around and is effecting different people in a variety of ways, we caught it and lasted four weeks, others two weeks..
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    Friday 26th November

    good morning, we have woken up to sharp frosts and hardly any breeze these last few days but this morning we have heavy rain and high winds. @dianaT thank you for enquiring about me, as you know the NHS treated the wrong disc, the consultant promised if he didn't choose the right one then he...
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    Tuesday 2nd November

    Good morning all, clear sky and cold, we had planned to plant hyacinths and tulips in our two metre diameter raised bed but to my surprise it was frozen solid ! I had my back surgery done in early August, alas the wrong disc was treated... the consultant said it was one of two possible discs and...
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    All together now

    Wombleing free !
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    Monday 25th October

    Good morning all, we have both now had our booster jabs and flu jabs so are now fully jabulated ! Ironically we both have a hacking cough, sore throats and runny noses, haha G&T are settled in and get more friendly each day, chirping and whistling and letting me join in waiting for me to...
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    Sunday 17 October 21

    Good morning good peeps, its been raining since first light and still coming down, dull cold and wet yuk!, I have a blueberry, an apple crumble in the oven, wife is making ribeye steak and chips, we are also Sunday lunch roast folks but wife still suffering from her cough and sinusitis, its her...
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    Saturday 16th October

    Good morning @dianaT , very dull and cold here was down to 5c last night, Eileen has got a terrible cough and sinus problems, have been for here antibiotics from pharmacy, will be lighting up the log stove later when the central heating stops, it comes on 6 til 8 each morning unless i put it...
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    Friday 15th October

    Will the shorter version be coming out on Netflix ? lol
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    Our 55th wedding anniversary today

    Enjoy your special day..
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    Tuesday 12th October

    Morning @dianaT and all who online today, Dull and cold today just lit the lounge log stone, have been doing a bit of turning, I also lit the mini log stove in the shed and made myself a coffee, and now back in the house for some lunch, Daughter out of isolation now and they are going to...
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    Monday 11th October

    @Michael Reynolds , now its getting cooler would you recommend covering over the budgies cage at night?
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    Monday 11th October

    Morning @dianaT , yesterday was bright and fairly warm, i walked for two hours and was moderately active during the day in general, got up at 2.30 am with back pain grr, if the consultant pushes my appointment date back again I will go private even if the he calls me in again just before I an...
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