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    Wednesday 24th June

    Wish it was hot here, we've been having some nights lately where it has gone under 10 ºC! Winter seems particularly cold here this year (by local standards), and we're all a bit fed up with shivering all day in the house (stil get sunburn in short order working in the garden though). This house...
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    Sunday 14th June

    Hi people. It's pretty sunny here during the day, and still getting quite chilly at night, with not a drop of rain in sight. This is what passes for winter here... I'm a bit sad today because we lost Wayne the budgie during the night, after about 10 days of problems with his legs which didn't...
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    Sunday 6th June

    Getting a nice swollen finger again from another %$#ing ant bite in the garden. At least I caught it a bit faster this time so am putting bicarbonate to try to neutalize the acid poison, but so far fingertip is 2x normal size, purple and throbbing. The fun of gardening in the tropics. I can't...
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    Monday 1st June

    @Michael Reynolds - I haven't noticed anything like that yet. I don't want to handle him too much for closer examination until he gets some strength back though, as he's not very tame. Does it need any specific treatment if that's what he has? What usually causes things like that? I've heard a...
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    Monday 1st June

    Woke up late today to find Wayne the budgie really struggling. According to wife his vicious little spouse Malvadinha (her name in Portuguese approximately means Little Miss Evil, which she has always done her best to live up to) wouldn`t let him eat (she was always like this even when he wasn`t...
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    Sunday 31st of May

    It continues very cold here (at least at night) - the coldest winter I remember since coming here. It's been very clear too - most nights I've been able to see the Milky Way quite clearly in the sky looking southeast from our garden, despite a couple of lights on the back road (the neighbours'...
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    Thursday 28th

    @dianaT - that sounds worrying, I do hope you can get any treatment you need at the moment, too. Winter is coming on here and it's been unusually cold for the last few days, even for this time of year - wife, who has seen the weather report, told me it went down to 7 degrees last night - which...
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    Unusual bird

    Vaguely heard of this species, but don't know much about them. Very pretty and unusual birdies anyway. Looks like they get tame too!
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    Tuesday 26th May

    I've been doing gardening too, and am pretty tired today as a result of my exertions yesterday (also woke up at dawn, shortly followed by a very chattery lively baby wanting Daddy to keep me awake, when I could really have done with more sleep to recover properly). Besides pulling up yet more...
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    Friday 22nd May

    @Wendy Cooper-Wolfe - what have they been saying? I haven't noticed anything particularly out of the ordinary lately.
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    Friday 22nd May

    Evening people, don't think I've posted here for a week or more, so what's new...? My larger girl has been a menace. A few days ago she messed with Mummy's hefty lump of Amazonite (a rather jade-like semiprecious stone) which sits in the office as a decoration/paperweight, and dropped it on her...
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    Sunday 17th May

    Pretty tired today after doing loads of digging outside in the unseasonal drizzle yesterday, getting slowly sodden while weeding and shifting huge quantities of the mixed gravel and large river pebbles that wife's crazy aunt (the previous incumbent of our land), thought fit to spread over the...
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    Such a viscose crime! Any material evidence? Did they cotton on to a motive?
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    I guess its time for me to introduce myself

    It may be just as well all those cats live outside with a little bird in the house. You seem to be over-run with rodent hordes at your place, wherever that is!
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    Hey there

    Welcome, @Petals333 :welcome: We have a couple of conures here too - cute little things, but oh such trouble.... I had two fluffed-up strutting little balls of feathers having temper tantrums at me earlier for daring to put guava in their cage - which they like, and hadn't had for a while, so...
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