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    Happy Birthday Annmarie

    Thank you
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    It's Lunchtime!

    I bet they enjoyed that, looks good!
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    Happy Birthday Dizzyblue

    Happy birthday! :budgie::Lovebird::emoji_cake:
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    Happy Birthday Annmarie

    Thank you everyone :)
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    My Clark doesn’t like them. I got some last year from Morrison’s and he just hated them
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    Supporting Local

    My local pet shops parrot seed are full of sunflower seeds and not much else sadly otherwise I would like to but locally. So I buy from scarletts
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    Hide (and Seek)

    Great pictures!
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    New Avi Fabs Double Divided Cage

    Wow, that looks a great cage!
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    Poorly Jaffa

    I am so sorry Diana
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    Poorly Jaffa

    Diana, I am sorry to hear that Jaffa is ill. Hope he gets better soon
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    Two Seasons Chop

    @plumsmum Never thought of that thanks so much for replying
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    Rosie Got A Stand!

    Wow, that looks great!
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    Two Seasons Chop

    Looks great, can I ask why you don’t cook the orzo pasta?
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    Chick Is 9 Today

    Happy hatchday Chick!
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    Parrot Mug

    Hi, look at this lovely mug in ASDA hope this helps someone! £3.50,default,pd.html#choice:creationDate
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