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    Getting An Older African Grey Parrot, Pros, Cons...

    I've got several rescue older birds and I have two I have had from a baby. For me the older birds are much calmer and I probably wouldn't get another baby. if you have lots of love and patience I think a rehome is the,way to go xx
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    Morning. A little but of sunshine here but looks like its going to rain xx
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    New Member With 3 Birds

    And from me to xx
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    New Member- Merlin

    Welcome to the forum. He sounds lucky you found him xx
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    Welcome to the forum xx
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    Pics Of My TIPS Trip

    Great photos Julie and glad you enjoyed it again xx
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    A New Member

    Welcome to the forum xx
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    Evening,all. The start of a week off for me so time to catch up on here. Hope everyone is okay xx
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    Where's The Best Place To Rescue/ Adopt A Bird

    I'm from Burnley but work in Preston xx
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    Yeah we are all fine here. Parrots are all well and as mad as ever lol xx
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    Evening everyone. Busy aa hell here at the moment. Work is manic and we've been doing a few big jobs on the house. Hope everyone is keeping well xx
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    Hello All New Members

    Oh I'm with it now lol. Well there are loads more new members since I last got chance to catch up so hello to everyone xx
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    Morning all. I'm trying to catch up on posts to Nikki but I never quite manage it xx
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    Afternoon everyone. Lovely,and sunny here x
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