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    Who else is lives Scotland?

    If you are over our way let us know and we can arrange a visit, just PM me x
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    Who else is lives Scotland?

    Will let you know if I hear of any bird sales in your area, they are usually on a Sunday x
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    Who else is lives Scotland?

    I'm just outside Glasgow, Rhonda And @Julie are in Glasgow. Julie may know someone. X
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    Palm Beach pics

    Lovely pictures Mary x
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    Playing games

    Don't worry about it, just so happy that things are going so well. I should have called but I'm drugged up with twelve steroids a day! Give her a Kiss from us X 
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    Playing games

    That sounds great, so happy that she is behaving for you X 
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    Hospital Again

    Great news Nigel.
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    Monday 12th Oct

    Morning all, lovely sunny morning here. Another day in the Aviary for my two. Have a good day.
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    Pecan Nuts

    Only as treats. My two are the same they would eat loads of nuts if they were allowed.
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    Scrambled Egg Tonight!

    Looks lovely. I've never tried the sweet potato raw, great idea.
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    Gary Seems To Have An Ulcer!?

    My Senegal Napoleon had an ulcer on his tongue a few years ago. We didn't know he had it until it burst and there was a lot of blood on his tongue and he was shaking it everywhere, I thought he had cut his tongue, we took him straight to our Avian vet and he told us what it was. He got...
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    Emergency Vets Visit For Roxxi

    Glad she is coping and getting spoiled by her Mummy!
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    Monday 31St

    Sorry put it twice!
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    Monday 31St

    Morning all,it's nice here and very mild. My two are out in the Aviary and even Had their showers outside. Hubby bought me a hot tub last week to help with all my aches and pains.
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    Frankie's Visit To The Water Today

    Lovely video, my two dogs are scared of the water!!
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