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New Profile Posts

  1. Rebeccabdkin
    Hi. I'm new here. Just thought I introduce my boy Kiwi, he is 1 years old.
  2. Michael Reynolds
    Michael Reynolds Yellowchickenparrot
    Do you want me to lend you my Buster. I am sure your neighbours will find him amusing if not deafening ha ha
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  3. sadia mohammad
    sadia mohammad
    "All flesh is grass"
  4. Michelle Mcmichael
    Michelle Mcmichael
    If u give out good u will bring in good
  5. Chazbrad
    Chazbrad dianaT
    Hi. I have a pair of Kakarikis. The cock is pulling feathers from the hen and eating them. Is this normal behaviour before pairing up and mating?
  6. Chazbrad
    Chazbrad dianaT
    Hi and thank you for your welcome.
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  7. Chazbrad
    Bitsaman. Jack of all trades master of none.
  8. Chazbrad
    Chazbrad Michael Reynolds
    Hi Michael. I see you have experience with kakariki. I have a pair of Kakarikis, the cock is pulling feathers out of the hen and eating them. Is this normal behaviour?
  9. hycinth000
    hycinth000 bigbluemacaw
    Hi how you doing, ive been told to ask you about hycinth macaw as im looking to purchase one, can you shed some light were is the best place togo to.many thanks.
  10. Sue Harvey
    Sue Harvey
    Hi I’m sue owner of two Indian Ringnecks was told 1 male and 1 female not sure Bonnie and Clyde
  11. Shas
    Owner of an Indian Ring Neck... Polly. Polly is male! Long story
  12. Markus
    Wait, What?
  13. Latindancer
    Complex Personality
  14. Charles Barnes
  15. DizzyBlue
    DizzyBlue dan112
    Hi I am one of the forum owners and we did receive an email earlier this year from your company that you sent via the contact admin button. We did discuss options and decided we are not interested in selling the forum.
  16. Carl37
    Hi everyone. Interested in finding dose rates for zylkene for Jardine. Can anyone help. I've read good reviews but are there any risks?
  17. helen786
    helen786 Amanda baber
    Hi Amanada, sorry to bother you... i brought an orange wing amazon on sunday from birds4u.. Did you get yours from there? I have afew issues with mine and wondered how your amazon is doing.
  18. pally
    I’m back you crazy lot
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    2. TomsMum
      Takes one to know a bunch of ‘em xx
      Mar 10, 2019
  19. TomsMum
    TomsMum Hippychick
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  20. Hippychick