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  1. helen786
    helen786 Amanda baber
    Hi Amanada, sorry to bother you... i brought an orange wing amazon on sunday from birds4u.. Did you get yours from there? I have afew issues with mine and wondered how your amazon is doing.
  2. pally
    I’m back you crazy lot
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    2. TomsMum
      Takes one to know a bunch of ‘em xx
      Mar 10, 2019
  3. TomsMum
    TomsMum Hippychick
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  4. Hippychick
  5. TomsMum
    TomsMum Michael Reynolds
    This message was left on a thread posting which I have deleted as was irrelevant to the thread

    Hi Michael it's Karen I've not been to well for a few days now but will leave a bag at your door weds morn of goodies x Karen
  6. Ianmills
    Ianmills Michael Reynolds
    10am Friday morning x
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  7. Ianmills
    Ianmills Michael Reynolds
    Dear Michael Ian and I will be round at 10am to reverse what you and I did last week I hear.....karen
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  8. Ianmills
    Ianmills Michael Reynolds
    Open your door there's a note you must read inside enjoy
  9. Sarah Pike
    Sarah Pike rickyguiver
    Hi Ricky, I'm new to this group and on researching, I believe that you may be the chap to talk to in regards Meyers parrots as I'm looking for one.

    Do you have any or know of anyone who has any for sale/looking for an amazing home?

    Many thanks
  10. Scott Harris
    Scott Harris
    Till we meet again Margret, fly high over the rainbow bridge xox
  11. Scott Harris
    Scott Harris
    R.I.P Margret Kayley Harris xox
  12. dianaT
    dianaT Leeroyale4777
    Welcome, he is gorgeous. Do come onto the main form and tell us more. It is easier for members to reply on there.
  13. Leeroyale4777
    My first kakariki love him he's amazing.
  14. Mara Abide
    Mara Abide Parrot797
    Hi, I am looking for a galah breeder and was wondering if you would perhaps know anyone? I am in West Yorkshire, near Leeds. Thank you
  15. Mara Abide
    Mara Abide
    ~If anyone knows a galah breeder please contact me~
  16. paulw
    paulw Bob
    Bob how’s my babies. Any pictures mate. Message me please
  17. mama_hill
    Cannot believe Mogwai is 15 next month
  18. darrendiver
    Always trying to learn more
  19. Michael Reynolds
    Michael Reynolds
    search for the post National Geographic's and click on the link
  20. Karen Harris
    Karen Harris Michael Reynolds
    Hello Michael it's Karen and Ian since yesterday we have been a bit concerned with Harry left nere nostril it's not blue it's slightly inflamed and brown I will try and attach a picture , he's talking eating poohing all fine ??