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  1. Tulio
    All life matters
  2. Tulio
    Tulio bigbluemacaw
    Hi @bigbluemacaw ! I have two macaws and I am really interested in free flying them. Do you mind of giving me some advice about courses, professionals and where I could ask for a professional help?
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    2. bigbluemacaw
      Hi Tulio, thanks! I am not aware of any courses or professionals who offer Maybe if it's close we could all meet up, but if not then happy to advise and help you by this forum/phone/email. Free flying Parrot(s) is fantastic, but there are (and always will be) a real risk of permanent loss no matter how hard you try and eliminate it, scares me now and Blue's been free flying for 3 years God bless Mark
      Dec 9, 2018
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    3. Tulio
      Thank you Mark! I would be happy to meet you up in any place in the world. Hahaha. I really would appreciate to hear some information from you and see Blue flying free. Do you have any email that I could write to you? Thanks a lot! Tulio.
      Dec 9, 2018
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    4. bigbluemacaw
      Dec 9, 2018
  3. Michael Reynolds
    Michael Reynolds Pops
    Hi I hope you are both well yes it should be fine to visit me on the 27th and I am sure Bella will love to show off his ring around his neck to you. My mobile is not working but my home number is 01732 834904
  4. Pops
    Pops Michael Reynolds
    Hi Michael, I’m visiting Eastbourne for Xmas & wondered if I could pass by on my way home, maybe 27th?
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  5. TomsMum
    TomsMum Judy Claudett
    Please note that in order to advertise on the forum you must have prior permission from Admin, using the contact us button at the bottom of the main forum screen.
    Adverts for boarding would not be considered without references from members, or avian specialists, because of the bio-security issues involved.
    Thank you
  6. Maura Beishon
    Maura Beishon
    Looking to find an experienced owner for my African Grey Parrot
    1. Tylor
      Hi how much for him/her I've realised them most of my life and would happily give your parrot a forever loving home.
      Nov 18, 2018
  7. JaneL
    JaneL dianaT
    Hi Diana - trying to figure out how to update my recent post - can't see how!?
    1. dianaT
      Jane, go onto your post open it and click Edit that should work, otherwise just make another post.
      Oct 7, 2018
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  8. Michael Reynolds
    Michael Reynolds floyd14
    Hi floyd14 if you posted the ring no on my profile page it will not be privet and others may see your information. psk rings normally have the breaders initial along the ring then the year of the ring (across the ring) then the reference no of the bird along the ring
  9. floyd14
    floyd14 dianaT
    Hi Diana, I’ve just become a member, I need help to understand the numbers and letters on my African greys ring, could you help with that?
    1. dianaT
      They are the breeders details. Does it have a PS written on it if so that is a Parrot Society registered ring, often there is a year i.e. 18 which would mean 2018. The ring is your proof of id so do not put it on the forum but you can tell folk if it is a coloured ring. Do post on the main forum and tell us about your bird and we love a photo too.
      Sep 28, 2018
  10. floyd14
    floyd14 Michael Reynolds
    Hi Michael, I’ve just joined, and I wondered if you could help me find out what the numbers and letters are on my African grey parrots ring, I wont post it to you as I would like your permission first, please message back thanks
  11. shane12
    shane12 Bob
    Hi , Bob
  12. Michaela Hunt
    Michaela Hunt
    What ever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger ️‍♂️
  13. Michael Reynolds
    Michael Reynolds
    Hi Ian and Karen You are welcome I have sent off the paperwork today. its was nice to meet you
  14. Ianmills
    Ianmills Michael Reynolds
    Thank you for the time you gave Ian and myself Wednesday evening, We are looking forward to the next stage of processing our paperwork .look forward in hearing from you..Karen Harris ..
  15. Tulio
    I am a Brazilian Animal Lover based in United Kingdom
  16. sanu
    sanu KEV H
    hi there i was wondering where you got your amazons?
  17. sanu
    sanu Parrot797
    hi there i was wondering if you had any amazons?
  18. sanu
    sanu lee burns
    hi have you got any amazon babies?
  19. Stewart McCaffery
    Stewart McCaffery Jade
    Hi Jade, have you found a home for Sparky yet? I am looking for friend for Pheonix my sun conure.
  20. Nikola
    Nikola Roz
    Hi Roz, could you give me any tips on how to train/tame a very wild rosella. thanks in advance :D