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New Profile Posts

  1. shane12
  2. Michaela Hunt
    Michaela Hunt
    What ever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger ️‍♂️
  3. Michael Reynolds
    Michael Reynolds
    Hi Ian and Karen You are welcome I have sent off the paperwork today. its was nice to meet you
  4. Ianmills
    Ianmills Michael Reynolds
    Thank you for the time you gave Ian and myself Wednesday evening, We are looking forward to the next stage of processing our paperwork .look forward in hearing from you..Karen Harris ..
  5. sanu
    sanu KEV H
    hi there i was wondering where you got your amazons?
  6. sanu
    sanu Parrot797
    hi there i was wondering if you had any amazons?
  7. sanu
    sanu lee burns
    hi have you got any amazon babies?
  8. Stewart McCaffery
    Stewart McCaffery Jade
    Hi Jade, have you found a home for Sparky yet? I am looking for friend for Pheonix my sun conure.
  9. Michael Reynolds
    Michael Reynolds Nikola
    Hello and welcome Nicola. Can you tell me a little bit about your Rosella? Species age Sex if Known Parent or hand reared?
  10. Nikola
    Nikola Roz
    Hi Roz, could you give me any tips on how to train/tame a very wild rosella. thanks in advance :D
  11. Nikola
    Nikola Michael Reynolds
    Hi michael, i've recently bought a rosella shes around 1/2 years old and she is very wild. I was wondering if you could give me any tips on how to make her calm and show her that im no threat to her.
  12. pinkninjaa
    hi guys I'm Michelle I have an African grey parrot called hooch he's 19 and my baby
  13. dianaT
    Welcome it can take a few months for a bird to settle in a new home, can you post on the main forum where our members can anwser you too.
  14. Thad Tingcang
    Thad Tingcang Bob
    Hi Bob are you here?
  15. Thad Tingcang
    Thad Tingcang dianaT
    Hi Diana T just joined and just got my QP from a family member he is about 2years old my question is how long does it take for him to adjust to new home at his old home I could pick him up but at my house he seems aggresive
  16. ricsta
    ricsta dianaT
    thank you
    1. dianaT likes this.
  17. NikkiEagle
    Feeling very positive about my bonding with Buddy now! I think we're starting to understand each other
  18. Michael Reynolds
    Michael Reynolds
    My home no is with admin it is a secure line and will not accept withheld no's and will ask for your name before passing the call to me.
  19. NikkiEagle
    NikkiEagle Roz
    Hi Roz! It seems every member recommends asking you for advice on training. It's clicker training i wanted to know more about. I've had my beautiful cockatoo just over a week, hes had issues with biting in his recent past and before that his history is unknown. He has issues with plucking, breaking my heart to see him going at his new growth feathers right now. Can you offer any advice on either subject?
  20. Samina akhtar
    Samina akhtar
    Lost my green conure dinky