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New Profile Posts

  2. RAFIQ
    I'm free this afternoon. Else Thursday afternoon. Thanks. Rafiq
  3. RAFIQ
    Hi Micheal
  4. RAFIQ
    RAFIQ Michael Reynolds
    Hi Micheal. You home this afternoon. I can come around if it suits? Thanks. Rafiq
  5. Michael Reynolds
    Michael Reynolds RAFIQ
    Sorry I had a very busy week last week but you are welcome to visit me on Monday or Thursday this week
  6. RAFIQ
    RAFIQ Michael Reynolds
    Hi Micheal
    You home this afternoon? I'm passing your way later today...
  7. RAFIQ
    RAFIQ Michael Reynolds
    Hi Micheal
    Did you get to Larkfiled Hall yesterday?
    I could come visit you tomorrow afternoon? Look forward to meeting you.
  8. Lauren Smith
    Lauren Smith
    Taming sorbet
  9. Lauren Smith
    Lauren Smith
    Taking sorbet
  10. RAFIQ
    RAFIQ Michael Reynolds
    Hi Michael
    I am not going to be make it to Larkfield today. Could you look at the cockatiels for sale and let me know if there are any white faced/ split WF, silver or white ones PLEASE? My mobile number is 07815763533. Would be greatly appreciated. Look forward to meeting you soon...
  11. Michael Reynolds
    Michael Reynolds RAFIQ
    You can call me on 01732 834904 it is a secure line and will not allow business calls and will ask your name before forwarding the call to me.
  12. RAFIQ
    RAFIQ Michael Reynolds
    Hi Micheal

    Wonder if you can point me to some breeders in my area, please? Near Watford, Hertfordshire. Parakeets, Cockatiels, parrotlets etc. Willing to travel. Thanks
  13. Michael Reynolds
    Michael Reynolds
    I will be in from now and most of the weekend you can call any time
  14. Pops
    Pops Michael Reynolds
    Hi Michael, pls would you let me know the best time to call re Bella? Thx Laura
  15. Raatsie
    Incubators foresale ?
  16. Raatsie
    Incubators foresale
  17. ann harmon
    ann harmon pally
    Hello,I came across your post on google concerning "parrot nest box company". They did the same to me ,I hope you got your money back through your card.i traced them to Facebook but they blocked me the moment they seen my post ( which wasn't very friendly as you can image). I hope your bank sorted you out.
  18. TomsMum
    TomsMum Lauren Smith
    I have deleted the thread for you :)
    1. Lauren Smith likes this.
  19. charliebirdie
    charliebirdie CaptainHowdy
    Hi i was wondering as a potential owner for charlie would it be possible to send me some pictures of your set up to see where charlie would be living by email might be easier to send if you dont mind that is.I feel that you would probably be a better match for him my email [email protected]
    1. CaptainHowdy
      Yeah no worries. I haven't got any new pictures so id have to take some. I'll take some at the weekend :)
      May 8, 2018
  20. dianaT
    Of course you can