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New Profile Posts

  1. kgstroud
    kgstroud Wakizashi21
    Is this how I contact you directly?
  2. PapaF
    PapaF Julie
    Hi Julie

    I was wondering if you still help out with parrot boarding?


  3. barry clements
    barry clements dianaT
    Hi about the sugar snap peas can they be given raw or do they need to be cooked first if brought fresh
    1. dianaT
      My Ammies loves them raw,only veg he likes cooked is a slice of warm carrot or broccoli and sometimes potato. I rinse the sugar snap or mange tout first and dry them off on tea towel of kitchen paper. Rinse all fruit anyway before giving it to you parrot. Which you probably do.
      Feb 12, 2018
    2. barry clements
      barry clements
      Many thanks sorry for writing on your profile couldn't find how to tag someone on main forum I do rinse everything I like to try him on different things so if you have any other suggestions I would be grateful
      Feb 12, 2018
  4. caroline gordon
  5. nikol witch
  6. Graham
  7. stephen kennedy
    stephen kennedy
    there a ring neck in my garden alone thats why i think its some ones lost pet
  8. Keibra
    Hi there :)
  9. William Gibson
    William Gibson billy
    Hi billy have you still the brooder for sale ?
  10. SAM83
    Update on Buddy. He is now screeching alot less and very much more confident . Happy boy . Hope everyone on here is well
    1. TomsMum
      That's good news - well done Buddy!
      Nov 18, 2017
  11. Graham
    Graham billy
    Do you breed African grey parrots?
    1. billy
      Not any more graham
      Nov 12, 2017
  12. DizzyBlue
    DizzyBlue nikol witch
    Nikol!!! wonderful to see you .... oooo and in London too
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    2. nikol witch
      nikol witch
      Yep :) in Totenham specifically.im back in town.hehe
      Jan 31, 2018
  13. TomsMum
    TomsMum nikol witch
    Hey Nikol ...how are you? Back in Uk?
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    2. nikol witch
      nikol witch
      Hiiii i now saw the message.yes im back in London
      Jan 31, 2018
  14. nikol witch
    nikol witch
  15. TomsMum
    TomsMum James Bowers
    You seem not to have read the forum rules regarding advertising, and did not seek permission from Admin to do so., your post have been removed. We would not encourage members to take a bird into a stressful situation such as a TV studio, and you should be aware that not all parrots talk.
  16. Stevieboy1970
    Proud carer to 3 beautiful parrots, a male Timneh Grey, a male Eclectus and a female Eclectus
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  17. carmen
    carmen xX_Haider_Xx
    Seen that you are in Birmingham, we are in Oldbury. wondering if we can help eachother out with bird sitting for holidays.

    hope to hear from you soon

  18. Clinton
    Clinton Robert Wiczynski
    how tame is your IRN ?
  19. Robert Wiczynski
    Robert Wiczynski
    IRN and budgie lover.
  20. BobC
    BobC JessCheekyMia
    Hi Jess,
    We exchanged some notes a few months back.
    Iam Bob , and I have a lung problem . I saw the consultant at the hospital this week and he confirmed that the problem comes from Earnie our parrott
    Unfortunately he has to be re homed .
    Are you still able to help?
    1. Clinton
      hello i am interested in knowing more about your birdie and i am looking for another one and may be able to help
      Sep 16, 2017