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New Profile Posts

  1. Clinton
    Clinton Robert Wiczynski
    how tame is your IRN ?
  2. Robert Wiczynski
    Robert Wiczynski
    IRN and budgie lover.
  3. BobC
    BobC JessCheekyMia
    Hi Jess,
    We exchanged some notes a few months back.
    Iam Bob , and I have a lung problem . I saw the consultant at the hospital this week and he confirmed that the problem comes from Earnie our parrott
    Unfortunately he has to be re homed .
    Are you still able to help?
    1. Clinton
      hello i am interested in knowing more about your birdie and i am looking for another one and may be able to help
      Sep 16, 2017
  4. Georgina2190
    Georgina2190 karendean46
    Hi, I believe that you have my Mams Double Yellow Head Charlie.
    I did not know that she no longer had him as I have not spoken to her for quite a few years, But in so sad to hear that he was found in such a poor state as he was a big part of my life for such a long time! Could I please contact you privately about this. Thanks x
  5. kimsim
    kimsim lockey
    H Lockey im after a baby male eclectus can you help please.
  6. kimsim
    kimsim Sunbeams
    Hi Do you breed Eclectus parrots I am am after a male in October can you help or advise
  7. dianaT
    We can write more on forum than in Profile. I do have Amazon plus others.
  8. dianaT
    Do come on the actual forum and tell us all about your parrot .Go to New Member Introductions and make a post there.
  9. beach man
    beach man dianaT
    Hi there Diana how are you have you got same parrot as me. my sister lives in wales Welsh pool
  10. dianaT
    Hi there beach man
  11. beach man
    beach man dianaT
    Hi there dianat
  12. DizzyBlue
    DizzyBlue beach man
    you are never alone when you have a feathered friend by your side :)
    1. beach man
      beach man
      you are right there I had him for 15 years now what sort have you got
      Sep 3, 2017
  13. beach man
  14. Michael Reynolds
    Michael Reynolds Brendan
    sound like a parrolet one of the smaller species of parrot they are also know as miniature greys for there nature and ways. these are lovely birds that need attention if the do not have a partner.
  15. Michael Reynolds
    Michael Reynolds Brendan
    do you know the species
    1. Brendan
      Only new to the birds so that's why I'm trying to find out a bit more I know it's parrlort parrot
      Aug 29, 2017
  16. Michael Reynolds
    Michael Reynolds Brendan
    what type of information do you need
    1. Brendan
      Just looking to have a read about the bird
      Aug 29, 2017
  17. Michael Reynolds
    Michael Reynolds Brendan
    how can I help you
    1. Brendan
      Looking to get some info on my bird
      Aug 29, 2017
  18. Brendan
    Someone help me
  19. tracyd
    "ops I did it again "
  20. rita1
    i love all animals. i live in Gloucestershire